Unblock sites at school, at work or on a public network using our zero-configuration proxy technology, lets defeat Internet censorship.

12345proxy is free web proxy service that helps you to easily unblock YouTube and other legal blocked sites in Pakistan with fast speed, by using 12345proxy you can easily bypass internet censorship and filters which are blocking you, while you browse through our service you are anonymous and your IP is hidden, so no one can track your online activity.
We Do not collect your online data nor we remember your IP address to give you online freedom without restrictions freely without any charges.

12345proxy Aim

12345proxy work on moto of Freedom and security that we should have freedom what we want to o and no one should be monitoring us. Our Aim is just for online legal work, we are strictly against illegal use of proxies and we don't allow it through our service.

How our Proxy Work?

Unblocking: Upon your request our proxy server simply fetch content through our service, instead of direct browsing you are browsing through our service which work as middle men between you and website.
Anonymizing: Our proxy is completely anonymous which give you secure online browsing, when you browse through our service we mask your IP address with fake one, so no one can know what you are browsing, we also encrypt your data with security algorithms to provide you best security we can.

What we Offer?

Freedom: Internet is place where one should have freedom for everything which is legal and we aim to provide it to you.
Anonymous Browsing: Being Anonymous on Internet is our Righ tand 12345proxy aims to provide it.
Security: we try to protect you from viruses and malicious websites that try to install malicious software on your PC and browser.
Unblocking: Through our online proxy service you can easily unblock all blocked sites which are legal like Facebook, YouTube,..etc. Remember we do not allow pornographic content to watch through our proxy.

Advantages of using this Proxy

1- 12345proxy offer completely free web proxy for unblocking YouTube, Facebook,.etc
2- We Provide secure browsing to protect your online data.
3- We help you to use data which is available only for specific regions.
4- Help you to hide your IP address and to protect your online identity.

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